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From the primitive society to cryptocurrency

Lately you’ve probably heard a lot about Bitcoin in the news,  Internet and other social media. But what is it exactly and why does it matter? So first of all […]

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Special offer – earn extra Eth mining with us

We are happy to offer you extra rewards for mining with us. Register with our Bonus Program by just sending your Ethereum wallet address to: or contact our support […]

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New features on pool is a young, but fast growing project. We take all the wishes and concerns of our miners into consideration trying to bring them to reality. At the moment, […]

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Blockchain technology in the space

Day by day, we see how cryptocurrencies are being implemented to everyday life slowly but surely. We are sure that you’ve already heard that now blockchain technologies become really popular […]

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PotNetwork Holdings Inc. acquires Blockchain Crypto Technology Corporation

On Monday April 16, 2018 Blockchain Crypto Technology Corporation became part of PotNetwork Holding, Inc. as a specially created and controlled mining facility. This is its first step in an […]

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Become a part of the Ethereum world

“I laugh at the idiots who are making such a fuss about bitcoins. This is absolutely useless dummy …” – the phrase of Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev. A today’s […]

five hints
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Five Hints to Get Maximum Mining ROI

Let’s say you have get your mining farm ready, now everything is on its place, buzzing and flashing lights. But more to the point, as soon as your equipment is […]

its a late
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Is It Late To Start Mining?

If you entered the cryptocurrency world before 2016-2017, then you probably tried to mine a coin or two. There are thousands of people who remember how the things were and […]

what trends
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What trends will be on Crypto Markets in 2018

2017 was a year of particularly heightened interest in cryptocurrencies. And it’s not surprising if we consider that the total market capitalization is 500 billion dollars. Many investors in different […]