Referral program

How much will I get?

The bonus is calculated from the pool's fee of your referral and depends on his hash rate:
1 TH/S and more contact our support team for the details
up to 1 TH/S up to 50% of pool's commission
up to 100 GH/S up to 30% of pool's commission
up to 10 GH/S up to 10% of pool's commission
less than 10 GH/S up to 7% of pool's commission

How can I take part in Referral Program?

To register in our referral program you should send a request to offers@ucrypto.net. In your letter specify your email, your wallet address, your referral's hash rate and wallet address. Please, send the request BEFORE your referral's connection to our pool.

General questions

What is the pool's fee?

The pool's fee is only 0.5%.

Are there any additional costs for transactions?

There are no transaction fees for you at uCrypto.net.

What is the payout system?

PROP - Proportional. When block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how much shares each of them has found.

I have some Eth on my balance, when will I get them?

Payouts to miners run every 2 hours. Current default minimum payout is 0.05 ETH.

Do I need to register an account to mine?

No, just start mining using your address in connection string. You can create an account to receive news and announcements.

What does the Anonymous Mining mean?

Full access to the miner's page has only the owner of the full wallet address. Other users have access only to a limited version of a miner's page where there is no financial information is displayed. The miner's wallet addresses are partially hidden that makes the search for financial information on the Etherscan useless.

Will I have a higher profit at uCrypto.net compared to other pools?

For an objective assessment we recommend to compare the profit after a week of mining. Based on the results of our tests and feedback from our customers, the profit is more than 5% higher than on other pools.