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New features on pool is a young, but fast growing project. We take all the wishes and concerns of our miners into consideration trying to bring them to reality. At the moment, is being actively developed, a lots of things have already been implemented:

  • support for the miners, that works 24/7 on the web site, in Telegram, and Discord;
  • a lot of new coins are tested by the, and added for mining on both Ethash and Equihash algorithms;
  • detailed settings for each pool along with download links are being developed now, so even a beginner will understand how to start mining;
  • hashrate graphics for each pool, that display information within the past 10 hours;
  • calculation of miner’s reward after the pool finds a block will be also soon implemented that will give the opportunity to see the average profit;

There are even more advantages. You can see the activity of miners and the highest hashrate for a period of 10 hours. It will help you to understand which coin is more profitable.

The blocks of altcoins with small difficulty are found 10 – 15 times per day. With the help of the graphics and the tab “More about Pool Blocks”, you can see the frequency of the blocks’ finding. Miners’ hashrate graphics help to control the equipment and give the opportunity to notice a failure quickly.

Also, in the nearest future a new section “Payments” on our web page will be added. Miners will be able to see the amount of all found blocks and rewards on each pool separately.

So you can see that is always open for new ideas. We are trying to be closer to our miners and people who are interested in the cryptoworld. Follow us in different social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Discord to be informed about the latest news.

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