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New Generation Multi Mining

uCrypto.net is the first unique multipool which provides the automatic MultiMining with the auto-exchange in Bitcoin. To date, a stable average profit more than 110% has been achieved compared to the Ethereum profitability. As the service is on a beta-testing stage we offer you to take part in it to make sure about the profitability instead of waiting for release. To get an access send a request to offers@ucrypto.net

Referral`s hash rate Your Bonus
1 TH/S and more contact our support team for the details
up to 1 TH/S up to 50% of pool's commission
up to 100 GH/S up to 30% of pool's commission
up to 10 GH/S up to 10% of pool's commission
less than 10 GH/S up to 7% of pool's commission

Referral program

uCrypto.net charges minimal commission on the market - 0,5% and we are willing to share our profits. Check our pool, make sure that it's profitable and safe to work with us, recommend our pool to other miners and get a bonus from pool's commission.